Seven reasons to rent a cottage this summer

Now that spring is turning into summer, there’s no shortage of new weekend activities. Camping season is just around the corner, but even if it’s still a little chilly to sleep in a tent, renting a cottage is a great way to get out into nature. Cottages are the best outdoor getaways because they offer warm, solid shelter, kitchens and bathrooms that campsites don’t, while letting you enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer. Whether you want to stay at home and read or get out and explore, a cottage offers everything you need. Here are more reasons to rent a cottage this summer.

Fun for the whole family

A chalet is a place where the whole family can have fun, whatever their preferences. Are you a sporty type? Go hiking in the surrounding area, swimming in the lake or mountain biking. Looking for relaxation? Relax in a hammock. Like to cook? The chalet is the perfect place to perfect your potato salad.

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Access to nature

Being in the heart of nature is what a cottage is all about. Renting a cottage allows you to spend the whole day outdoors and come home when you need a snack or a break. Compare that to a day trip where you have to pack your meals, get in your car and drive the highway to your destination. Clearly, having a home base in the countryside for a weekend has enormous advantages.

Dining out

Staying in a chalet gives you the perfect excuse to eat your favorite summer dishes. You can fire up the barbecue, grill all your meals and make perfect s’mores over a campfire. And if you want to eat your favorite sweet cereal in the morning, don’t hesitate! Life at the chalet is a pleasure.

The story

There’s something about cottages that makes people want to tell stories. Whether sitting around the fire or on the pier, they tend to open up and tell stories. Time spent outside being pensive also tends to bring back old memories. A beer around the barbecue or a glass of wine by the lake are all opportunities to talk.

Opportunities to relax

Studies show that people are happiest when surrounded by nature, relaxing and exercising. In other words, a cottage is a recipe for happiness. Getting away from everyday life is the ideal opportunity to truly relax and escape the pressures of work and city life. And after a weekend at the chalet, you can return to your everyday life with a renewed spirit, ready to tackle anything.

Nearby attractions

Many cottages are within easy reach of a wide range of activities. Cottage stays in wine country are a common activity, and you can visit vineyards and take part in wine tastings. Cottage country also offers thermal baths, spas, golf courses and good restaurants. If you don’t feel like staying at home all weekend, you can get out and explore.

Family atmosphere

Long-distance travel is exciting, but sleeping in the same bed every night, cooking your own meals and not having to leave the house at 11 in the morning is appealing. Staying in a hotel can be confusing, and it can be hard to feel comfortable. Rental cottages often have all the facilities you need, and many are decorated to make you feel perfectly at home. So you can go on vacation feeling right at home.

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