webinos cross-screen app challenge

31 08 2012

picture of the application process for the 1st webinos app challenge
Build you apps on the next generation of Web technology and win cool prizes!

The webinos EU project is celebrating the launch of its developer portal by announcing the 1st webinos cross-screen app challenge. You are now invited to build cross-screen apps using the webinos platform. Go to http://webinos.org/appchallenge for more information and access to the application form.

The finalists will be invited to attend the webinos App Challenge Awards event in October 2012 which will be done in conjunction with Mobile Monday Athens. The winners will be voted for by the audience and announced during the Awards ceremony.

A judges panel will be evaluating the submitted applications and selecting the 10 cool(est) and innovative finalists. Dominique Hazaël-Massieux is one of the jury members.

To start developing on webinos start here: https://developer.webinos.org/
For information about the app challenge go to: http://webinos.org/appchallenge

To learn and practice mobile Web development, follow one or both of the W3C mobile Web training courses open for registration on the W3DevCampus learning program:

For any further enquiries about the App Challenge get in touch at appchallenge@webinos.org

Mobile Web courses to start in one week – Register soon!

27 08 2012

Learn how to easily develop robust mobile friendly Web sites so to deliver the best experience to your users, and enroll before Monday 3 September!

The “W3C mobile Web Best Practices” training courses are delivered online, by experienced and professional trainers.  Over a 6-week period, from 3 September to 14 October 2012, you will notably learn:

  • The basic design principles and coding techniques of a mobile Web page
  • Styles to adapt to different viewports
  • JavaScript to enhance the user experience
  • Server-side content adaptation

The courses are separately delivered in English and in Spanish:

Read what are the benefits of online training and how it works. (ve ¿CÓMO FUNCIONA?). For more information, visit W3DevCampus, the W3C online training program for Web developers.

Early bird for mobile Web training courses

20 07 2012

Registration is open for a new round of mobile Web online training courses to start on 3 September 2012. In these courses, you learn to “mobilize” pages and deliver a good Web experience on mobile devices. Specifically, you will learn:

  • The basic design principles and coding techniques of a mobile Web page
  • Styles to adapt to different viewports
  • JavaScript to enhance the user experience
  • Server-side content adaptation

These 6-week long W3C online training courses, supported by experienced and professional trainers, let you study at your own pace. The courses are separately delivered in English and in Spanish:

The advanced “Mobile Web 2: Applications” course will start on 15 Oct. 2012. Moving beyond best practices, this course covers all techniques you need to know for programming successful mobile Web applications: HTML5 mobile, JavaScripts APIs, etc.

Learn more about W3DevCampus, the W3C online training for developers program.

Choose when to enroll in one of W3C’s mobile Web training courses!

12 07 2012

With smart phones becoming commonplace and new mobile devices such as tablets getting even much more popular, it is still timely to take the plunge into mobile learning. The W3C mobile Web training courses are here to help you either focus on mobile Web best practices or dive into programming mobile Web applications, or both!

Today, the MobiWebApp team is proud to launch 3 sessions of each of its three mobile Web online training courses. Each course is 6-week long, so we have nine early bird rates starting today!! The schedule of these 9 training courses is detailed below:

1. “Mobile Web 1: Best Practices” (in English)
Read the course description and choose your session dates to register soon:

2. “Buenas Prácticas en Web Móvil” (en Español)
Ve la descripción del curso y Ve ¿Como funciona?. Los precios son desde 95€, entonces registrate ahora!:

3. “Mobile Web 2: Programming Web Applications” (in English)
This advanced mobile Web course is only available in English. Read its description, choose the session dates and register now:

Enroll soon and become an expert in mobile Web!

W3C Mobile Web training courses: learn from the experts!

5 06 2012

Within the W3DeW3DevCampus logovCampus program, W3C is proposing two training courses related to the development of mobile Web sites and applications: “Mobile Web 1” covers the basics of designing and coding techniques of mobile Web pages, and allows students to put into practice all the best practices they learnt about. Additionally, the “Mobile Web 2” course is dedicated to programming mobile Web applications and, here again, students are asked to develop Web apps for mobile devices using the exciting technologies that form the basic building blocks for today’s Web applications, such as HTML5, CSS3, APIs, etc.

This month, we are pleased to open two courses for registration. One is in English, the other will be delivered in Spanish.

  • Mobile Web 2: Programming Web Applications (read the course description).
    This 6-week course will start next week, on Monday 11 June 2012. Do register soon!
  • NEW!!: Mobile Web 1: Buenas Practicas en Web Móvil (read the course description).
    Also, a 6-week course to start on 18 June 2012. There is an early bird rate before 10 June. Register even sooner!

Don’t hesitate anymore and become an experienced mobile Web application developer by following W3C’s online training courses.

[Invitation] webinos platform evaluation release – Ghent, Belgium, 19 June

4 06 2012

webinos  is an Open Source platform for running web applications across devices supported by major industrial and academic partners.

Multi devices supported by webinos platform

You are cordially invited to the webinos official launch day for its Platform evaluation Release on 19th June 2012, to be held at IBBT Offices in Ghent, Belgium. It’s a free event but you need to register since space is limited.

Come see the webinos platform running on:

  • In car automotive platforms
  • PCs (Windows, Mac and Linux)
  •  TVs and home media systems
  • Mobile devices and tablets
  • Machine2Machine deployments (such as  Arduino)

and do:

  • get hands-on experience of the code base
  • listen to industry experts introduce the tech-nology
  • contribute position papers—help shape the roadmap
  • see live applications demos by Deutsche Telekom, Telecom Italia, Sony, BMW, Samsung, and Telefonica

Who should attend?

  • Technologists and strategists interested in Web and OS technologies
  • People interested in converged and cross-device applications
  • TV, Vehicle and Telecommunication industry representatives

Register now!

Read the agenda of the day and register asap at http://webinos.org/launch-day-reg/

May 2012 edition of “Standards for Web Applications on Mobile”

4 06 2012

Three months have already passed since the last update to my overview of Web technologies for mobile applications, and thus I have just released the quaterly update to Standards for Web Applications on Mobile.

The document has the latest information about the status of specifications, their expected evolution, the state of their accompanying test suites, and includes a number of new drafts, esp. those made possible by the new charter of the W3C Web Applications Working Group.

Next week (June 11), another sessions of our on-line training course: Mobile Web 2: Applications will start, and will cover a number of the technologies described in the document: don’t miss it!