August 2012 edition of “Standards for Web Applications on Mobile”

5 09 2012

Three months have already passed since the last update to my overview of Web technologies for mobile applications, and thus I have just released the quaterly update to Standards for Web Applications on Mobile.

The document has the latest information about the status of specifications, their expected evolution, the state of their accompanying test suites. In the past 3 months, the Open Web Platform has seen among other things the arrival of 8 new public working drafts (with Web Intents, multimedia integration and storage quota mangement particular highlights).

Next month (October 15), another sessions of our on-line training course: Mobile Web 2: Applications will start, and will cover a number of the technologies described in the document: don’t miss it!

W3C Workshop on Web and Automotive

4 09 2012

A road in Rome

W3C announces today a Shift into High Gear on the Web, a W3C Workshop on Web and Automotive, 14-15 November 2012, in Rome (Italy).

People today enjoy applications and services from multiple networked devices: notebook and desktop computers, smart phones, tablets, and Internet TVs. With our increasingly mobile lifestyles, it’s time to include the connected car in this mix. The Web is the ideal platform to offer a rich range of benefits and value-added services to drivers and passengers. The goal of this workshop is to explore how the Web will become the ideal platform to offer a rich range of benefits and value-added services to drivers and passengers in cars.

W3C invites automotive manufacturers and service providers, wireless carriers, insurance companies, application and solution developers and others to participate in this discussion at the workshop. W3C membership is not required to participate.

Please submit a statement of interest by 12 October and learn more about participation.

The event is hosted by Intel/OTC (Open Source Technology Center) and sponsored by Webinos.