Beyond the device frontier

21 11 2011

I’ve just published on the W3C blog an illustration on another aspect in which mobile Web applications create new opportunities: given how ubiquitous the Web is becoming, it is now offering ways for devices to complete one another, making what I call “hyperdevices” (by analogy to hypertext).

I’ve built two demonstrations that illustrate this, and that you can either run by yourself, or simply watch as a video:

  • the remote whiteboard exploits touch-capabilities from a mobile device to draw on a computer (video);
  • the 3D explorer uses a mobile device with an accelerometer as a way to manipulate a 3D object on another screen (video).

The work happening in the Device APIs Working Group — in particular around device discovery — will be a critical component in making this type of interactions a natural extension of what we think of using the Web.