Workshop Papers on Offline Web Applications

28 10 2011

As announced a few weeks ago, next week a W3C workshop dedicated to offline Web applications will take place in Santa Clara, California.

I submitted two position papers based on the input and feedback I’ve gathered through the MobiWebApp project: one on HTTP optimizations for HTML5’s ApplicationCache, and the other on making Web applications first class citizens.

These are only two of the 28 papers that were submitted to the workshop, and which are bound to make a basis for a great discussion next Saturday.

Mobile Web Applications Interoperability Event

18 10 2011

Are you concerned about mobile fragmentation? Do you need to test a Web application on a mobile device? If so, we would like to invite you to the Mobile Web Applications Interoperability event on 6-7 December 2011, in Sophia-Antipolis, France.

This event, co-organized by W3C through MobiWebApp and MOSQUITO project partners, and hosted by ETSI, will be the occasion:

  • to practice and develop test cases for the W3C testing framework. Web specifications under consideration are those directly relevant for the development of mobile Web applications (candidates include the audio/video elements in HTML5, HTML5 Application Cache, the Contacts API, Device Orientation Event specification, Web Storage, Web Workers).
  • to test Web applications on a wide variety of devices through various network configurations

Participation is free and open to everyone. Please register on ETSI’s Web site by mid-November.

Check the Call for Participation for details.