Workshop on future of Offline Web Applications

12 09 2011

W3C just announced an upcoming workshop on one of the key aspects of the development and deployment of Web applications, in particular on mobile devices: the ability to install them and keep them working while offline.

The workshop aims at identifying a clear path forward for innovation in the Open Web Platform related to offline Web application invocation and use.

The workshop will be held on November 5 2011, hosted by Vodafone in Redwood city in California, right after the W3C annual TPAC week of meetings in Santa Clara.

If you want to contribute to the discussions, please submit a position paper by September 30, as described in the call for participation.

Standards for Web Applications on Mobile: Current state and roadmap

5 09 2011

Back in February, I announced the start of a series of updates for a standardization roadmap for Web applications on mobile devices, a compilation of the most relevant current and upcoming technologies to develop Web applications well-fitted to mobile devices, which was again updated in May 2011.

Standardization roadmap preview

As the project reaches the end of its first year, I have now just released a more complete version of that roadmap, with perspectives on what’s coming up over the course of the next year.

It also takes into account the latest changes in this space, with new drafts from the Web performance Working Group, a new charter for the Device APIs group, an early editors draft for Web Real-Time communications and much more.

This document is extracted from the equivalent page in the W3C wiki, where contributions from the larger community are more than welcomed. Many thanks to those who already contributed to it!

The next smaller iteration of this document will be provided end of November. Stay tuned!