Encouraging feedback from the MWABP training course

5 08 2011

The June 2011 mobile Web training course is just over. We are now sending certificates of completion to students who passed all course assignments. Excellent success rate so far, with students happy to have spent 8 weeks with us.

We are especially pleased by the feedback comments we got, ranging from praise of the teachers (yeah to Phil Archer and Frances de Waal!), to the high quality of the course. Here is some of the great feedback we received from students:

  • “I’d definitely recommend this course. Not only is it full of up-to-date, useful, excellent information, but the emphasis on true learning is what makes it particularly valuable.”
  • “The instructors were amazing — supportive, encouraging, and demanding all at the same time! “
  • “The diverse mix of professionals from around the world brought a robust forum discussion … these comments, feedback, and additional comments about technology in their part of the world was priceless user feedback …”
  • “AWESOME experience!!! I have taken away a great deal more than I anticipated!”
  • “Great course, money well invested. Thank you.”

Week by week, step by step, students gained more and more experience and, accordingly, their assignments gained in more and more complexity. Check it out with this cool hangman application (courtesy of David Moulton) or this rock, papers and scissors one (courtesy Marcela Vargas), all developed by creative 2011 June MWABP students

Get involved now!

Register Button

A 2nd edition of the course is now open for registration. The start date is 5 September 2011. With the same length (8 weeks), the same great teachers (Frances and Phil), and the same certificate of completion, the course will teach you how to make Web pages and applications render well on mobile devices. Register asap!

Stay tuned!

To find out about future training course, please follow us on @W3Training and/or subscribe to our mailing list. We will notably announce a course on “Mobile Web Advanced Techniques”. Soon.



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