New dates for a mobile Web training course

12 07 2011

After a very successful first run of the June 2011 mobile Web course, we are pleased to announce that registration is now open for a second edition of the “W3C Introduction to Mobile Web and Application Best Practices”.

The online course can be taken in any time zone and will last 8 weeks, from 5 September to 28 October 2011.

Since it first ran in 2008, the course has attracted over 700 students and with each update, with each new module, with each new advance, the course attracts more and more attention. We were sorry to have to close registration early for the June 2011 run due to excessive demand.

This course helps Web designers and content producers who are already familiar with the desktop world to become familiar with the Web as delivered on mobile devices. It is based entirely on W3C standards, particularly the Mobile Web Best Practices and Mobile Web Application Best Practices. Developed and taught by the MobiWebApp team, the course builds on the output of the various expert groups operating within W3C: the standards, the tools and the experience — all designed to help you make great content available to as wide an audience as possible.

Participants do notably:

  • learn about and use the recommended versions of HTML and CSS to use for mobile today;
  • understand the constraints of working on mobile and how to overcome them to deliver the best possible experience to the widest range of users;
  • practice client side and server side content adaptation techniques;
  • learn about and use the exciting new APIs available on modern mobile platforms.

On successful completion, the participants will receive a W3C Certificate of Completion.

To ensure your place on the course, please enroll now! The full price of the course is €195 but we have a strictly limited number of places available at the early bird rate of €145.

Enroll now and benefit from an early bird rate!