Standards for Web Applications on Mobile: May 2011 update

31 05 2011

Three months ago, I announced a first version of our standardization roadmap for Web applications on mobile devices, a compilation of the most relevant current and upcoming technologies to develop Web applications well-fitted to mobile devices.

As announced then, I am now releasing an updated version of that roadmap that takes into account the most recent changes and events in the W3C Web platform, including the creation of new Working Groups (Audio and Real-Time Communications), new work items started by existing groups, proposed new items for existing groups, etc.

This document is now extracted from the equivalent page in the W3C wiki, where contributions from the larger community are more than welcomed. Many thanks to those who already contributed to this updated version!

The next iteration of this document will be provided end of August, and will include also a first gap analysis of missing features in the Web platform, based on the our series of interviews, and in general, feedback from the community at large. Stay tuned!