W3C Accelerometer and Gyroscope APIs

8 03 2011

As the W3C Geolocation Working Group is putting the last touches on the Geolocation API, the new charter of the group was officially approved yesterday.

That new charter adds two new specifications to the group roadmap:

  • a second version of the Geolocation API that includes additional information, e.g. civic addesses; an editors draft of that specification is already available;
  • a DeviceOrientation Event specification which provides information on the orientation of the device — in other words, it makes it possible to react to accelerometer and gyroscopes changes from within the Web environment; an editors draft of that API is also available, and is known to be already implemented in some mobile browsers (e.g. iOS 4.2+ Safari).

For those interested, please see how to join that group.



2 responses

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