Towards a W3C Mobile Web Applications Standardization Roadmap

24 02 2011

The objectives of the MobiWebApp European research project that W3C is leading include disseminating knowledge of the current work inside W3C that facilitate the creation of mobile Web applications, as well as building a standardization roadmap that identifies the gap in the current standardization landscape.

I have just published an important first step in that direction: the Mobile Web Applications standards: February 2011 current state and roadmap represents a first attempt at compiling all the mobile-relevant Web applications technologies in development in W3C.

It is a work in progress, a picture of the current state that I plan to update regularly, probably every three months.

It has not received wide review yet, so the data it includes should be taken with caution, since it likely contain mistakes that will be fixed based on the feedback we receive.

Please send bug reports, suggestions, and general feedback to, and I’ll do my best to integrate it in the next version of the document.