The Web in full stereo

6 04 2011

A couple weeks ago, W3C announced the creation of a new Working Group, the Audio Working Group.

This group has been chartered to bring more advanced audio capabilities to the Web platform.

HTML5 already provides a useful <audio> element, with a scriptable interface to control how audio resources can be played.

The additional APIs that this new group will develop adds capabilities to process and synthetize audio streams in JavaScript.

This work is based on exploration work made in the W3C Audio Incubator Group, and some early experimental implementations of related APIs are already available in Firefox and Chrome.

As their etymology indicates, phones have historically been primarily sound-based devices, and this new work on improving the audio capabilities of the Web is certain to benefit mobile devices. In particular, the role of audio in games (a big part of the applications space on mobile devices) makes this work really exciting.

You can follow the work of the group in its microblog on or Twitter.


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